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Acidity & Peptic Ulcer

Acidity and Peptic Ulcer
Acidity is a general term which usually refers to regurgitation of acid or partly digested food from the stomach in to the food pipe [oesophagus] or mouth. The sourness is due to over secretion of acid in stomach

Causes :

  1. Stress
  2. Over eating
  3. Obesity
  4. Alcohol and smoking
  5. Irregular eating habits
  6. Certain drugs like aspirin, analgesic, antibiotics etc.

Symptoms :

  • Burning in the chest after eating
  • Sour eructation
  • Sour or bitter vomite

Treatment :

We have specific medicines for acidity. Excess secretion of acid can be regularized by our medicine so permanent solution of acidity is possible. We have cured number of patients of acidity.

Few of many cured cases:

Mr. Valjibhai K. Patel ( Morbi): was suffering from severe Acidity & peptic ulcer, since last 10 years. Endoscopy report stated 25 ulcers in his stomach. He has taken our treatment for 4 months & his symptoms of acidity are completely cured. After our treatment follow up endoscopy was done that was normal.
Mr. Jasubhai D. Patel: was having Acidity & Deuodinities, since long time. Symptoms were severe burning in stomach, vomiting & loss of body weight. Allopathic treatment failed to provide permanent solution. Ha had taken our treatment for 6 months and even after discontinuation our treatment there is no relapse.
Mr. S. D. Panchal, BSNL OFFICER, Ahmedabad: was suffering from Acidity since long. He has taken much Allopathic & Ayurvedic treatment but there was no improvement. At last he under gone our treatment & disease is cured.