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Why all the medicines of homoeopathy looks a like ? are they all are same medicines?

Small round tablets of homoeopathy are sweat in test preapred from can sugar . this tablets it self are not medicines , but it is a vehical to carry the medicines. we are adding perticular dilution of medicine to prepare that medicine. this way medicines are different as different named dilution used to prepare medicine approximately more than 2500 medicines are used in homoeopathy.

Why the homoeopathy medicines are harmless ? no side effects?

Because homoeopathic medicines are in potentise form [not in crude form] subsent used in medicine will be in very minor quantity almost tense to nil so no side effect of our medicines.

How do homoeopathic medicines cure different dieases?

Our medicines are in the form of power so if proper medicine is selected by homoeopath it will increase the body resistence power( immunity) and will activate the weak organs of the body. This is how body gives fight to the disease power and cure takes place. We do not suppress the disease but ideally cure it. Cure takes place as follows: From vital organs to surface ones. Hence symptoms disappear in the reverse order of their appearance. Homoeopathy aims at a permanent cure by removing the deficiency present in the body which is mainly responsible for the various disease elements.

Is it true that homoeopathy is totally opposes the surgery?

Not in all conditions but of course in certain conditions.


Homoeopathy does not oppose surgery. Like all the systems of medicine this one also has some limitations. In those cases, if treatment is impossible with us, we do advise the patient for surgery. We have good results in some surgical conditions. We have cured large number of patients suffering from following surgical conditions:


  • Urinary stones
  • Gall stones
  • Osteoarthritis in joints and vertebrae
  • Piles, fissures, fistula
  • Warts on skin and genitals
  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Nasal polip, adenoiditis, sinusitis and other E.N.T. conditions
  • Cyst like ovarian cyst, cyst in uteres, liver and otherorgans.
  • Mal union of fractured bones.


Particularly in disease conditions which require recurrent surgery, homoeopathy definitely helps.

To what extent homoeopathy is modern science?

Homoeopathy was found before 200 years but as per demand of time modernization has taken place in our science. IN this system, we are taking each case as a unique case. Now with the help of different software, analysis and evaluation of each case becomes very easy and time saving. After taking case history with the help of 98,000 permutations and combinations, we can select proper medicines. More than 1600 websites have been also developed on homoeopathy. Because of constant research work, there is improvement in the quality of our medicines. Thus we can say homoeopathy gets established as modern science. We have regular and frequent scientific seminars in country and abroad to share latest upgrades of this science.

Why homoeopathy is well-known?

Homoeopathy helps who are tired of other systems of medicine. It cures number of disease without any adverse effect. Due to patient to patient canvassing it has become popular every passing day.