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Nearly everyone suffers from a pimple outbreak at some point in life. It starts when greasy secretions from the skin’s oil glands plug the tiny openings for hair follicles. Size of acne varies from small pimple to big eruption/boil. Acne is painful, tender and its scars can disfigure the face.


Acne rosacea: It is a condition of persistent redness over the areas of the face and nose. Usually on the forehead, the chin and the lower half of the nose. Very big size acne like nodular swelling can also be seen on these parts.

Causes :

Few of many cured cases:

Mr. Jignesh Vasani – Nikol, Ahmedabad: was having acne rosacea for a long time and did not find relief with allopathic oral and external medicines. This condition was relieved a lot by our treatment.