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Cervical Spondylosis

It is a condition where the cervical nerve comes unde pressure between vertebrae. Because of this, one sufferss evere pain in the nape of neck that goes down to one or both the arms, many times up to the fingers. Due to this, there can be tingling and numbness.

Care to be taken:

  • l Sleep on a firm mattress.
  • l Improve posture. Stand and Sit Straight.
  • l Keep your back straight when working on a bench or on a table.
  • l Keep the cushion between back and chair when sitting in a chair or while driving.

Few of many cured cases:

Manjula Zala, wife of Ramsing M. Zala, Barmuvada, Kheda: was suffering from severe cervical pain & sciatica pain. Numbness sole and stiffness fingers also. She had taken too much allopathic treatment but was not relived. After taking 5 months treatment of Dr. Shah, she is relieved from all problems.


Ushaben Patel, wife of Vasant B. Patel, Nani Jer, Kapadvanj: was suffering from cervical pain & pain of all joints with swelling. She took too much allopathic treatment of different specialist doctors but all failed. After taking 5 months treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah, all her complains are relived


Mrs Rita A. Pandya: Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad had been suffering from cervical spondylosis for last 20 years. Unbea able pain in cervical region was radiating to the back part o head, both the shoulders and both the arms. The pain was so severe that she was not in position to do any work and also cried due to it. Even worse, she was in the state o depression due to this incurable condition. After the advice o her relative, she started our treatment. Relief was there afte she took regular treatment. Her cervical spondylosis got cured completely and permanently. There is no pain for more than last 10 years.


Mr. Sumatilal S. Soni: a retired deputy collector says tha “My wife was a patient of arthritis and cervical spondylosis She had pain in neck and fingers. When many doctors recommended operation, Dr.Shah’s treatment gave her grea relief and freedom from pain.”


Sweta A. Shah: gandhinagar, was having sevear cervical spondiolitiss pain form cervical region was comes to both upper arms ,was also having numbness both arms taken out treatment now she is o.k.


Mrs. Jagruti K. Soni (Memnagar, Ahmedabad): was suffering from severe cervical spondyolitis pain with swelling in cervical region. The pain was referring to both upper arms, numbness on both upper extremities and she couldn’t work. After our treatment her cervical spondyolitis is cured.


Mrs. Varsha N. Shah (Bharuch): was having cervical spondyolitis, which is cured by our treatment.