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Frozen Shoulder

It is the restriction of motion of shoulder joint in all directions. It might be due to prolonged immobilization, lack of exercise, disabilities or old age. Restriction of motion is associated with pain and tenderness of shoulder joint. Pain and stiffness may extend to the neck and the upper arm.

Few of many cured cases:

Kailash B. Raval, Vadodara: was having stiffness with severe pain in both shoulder joints as well as both knee with burning, which is now cured with our treatment.


Mrs. Bharatidevi R. Pandya: 50 years from Dhambola, Rajasthan suffered severely from frozen shoulder. The pain was unbearable in the right shoulder before she got relived completely by our treatment.


Mr. B. V. Shah: age 65 years, F/O a Lecturer in Pharmacy college, reports that “I was really tired and frustrated with complain frozen shoulder. I could not lift my right arm even an inch. I was treated by leading orthopedic surgeons but they all failed to get ride of my problem. But with the 7 months treatment from Dr.Shah, today I can lift my right arm fully with out any pain.”


Mr. K. V. Mehta (Retired LIC manager, Vadodara): was having stiffness in left shoulder [frozen], pain in shoulder. Stiffness was more in morning; he is relived 100% by our treatment.


Mrs Jaya K. Mehta (Lunavada): was having stiffness with severe pain in both shoulder joints, which is now cured with our treatment.


Mr. Nitin V. Shah (Bharuch): was having severe pain with stiffness in right shoulder and was not relived by allopathic painkillers. He is relived 100% by our 3 months treatment.