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Gall Stone

Gall stone are small hard crystal like deposits which develop in the gall bladder or in the bile duct. Bile is the digestive juice produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder which is a small pear, a shaped organ. Bile is mainly made up of cholesterol and bile acids.


  • Pain in liver region
  • Eructation
  • Vomiting & gas

Types of Gall Stone:

  1. A Cholesterol stone
  2. Pigment Stone
  3. Mixed Stone i.e. pigment and cholesterol

Causes :

  • High cholesterol
  • Some infections or disease like sickle cell anemia or malaria
  • Gall bladder infection
  • Obesity
  • Certain liver diseases

Clinical Features:

  • Sudden pain in the right and upper part of abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine
  • Obstructive Jaundice


The main cause of gall bladder stone is its weak functioning, causing residues of the liver juice. Our treatment cures this and due to improved functionality new formation of stone can also be prevented. Even if the stone size is bigger than diameter of common bile duct, patient may not have to undergo surgery. If stone gets obstructed in common bile duct and develops obstructive jaundice, patient may have to exercise surgical options.

Few of many cured cases:

Jignesh J. Shah, Bopal, Ahmedabad says “I was having 3 stones of around 9*12mm (largest) in my gallbladder. Doctor advised me for surgical removal of gallbladder. But I undergone treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah for around five months. After that now sonography is done and all the stone are panned out from gallbladder.”


Bhavna S. Patel: was suffering from gallbladder stone since long time, which passed out by our treatment.


P A Tadvi’s, Vagodiya, Vadodara: gallbladder stone & passed out by our treatment.


Dharmistha B. Makwana: had gallbladder stone of 5.4 mm and is passed out by our treatment & sonography report is now normal.


Suryakant C. Tailor, Vadodara: had gallbladder stone, which is passed out by our treatment. His wife Kalpana also got benefited in gallbladder stone complaint with our treatment.


Mrs. Kokila P. Tadvi, Vaghara, Bharuch: was having gallstones of size 5, 5 & 4mm. All there stones are successfully passed out by our treatment.


Ritasinh V. Rajput, Isanpur, Ahmedabad: was having 18, 15 mm & other small stones & sludge in gallbladder. Surgeons advised her for surgical removal of gallbladder. She took our treatment for 1 year & according to sonography report, all stones have passed out.


Manharbhai K. Patel, Karol, Prantij: was having 17mm stone in gallbladder as per his sonography report. Surgery was planned to remove gallbladder. He has taken our treatment & stone got dissolved & passed out.


R.M.Kaji, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad: was having multiple stones, biggest was 5mm in gallbladder. All these stones passed out by our treatment in 2007. His recent sonography report shows no stones in gallbladder.


Multiple gallstone of wife of Mr. B. P. Ladva, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad: passed out by our treatment.


Mrs Kantaben Thakkar: bhuj was having multiple small stones of 4 to 5 mm in gall bladder. She also had complaint of heaviness in the upper part of abdomen, nausea, vomiting, hyperacidity and general discomfort. She tried allopathic treatment but there was no satisfactory relief. At the later stage she was advised for removal of gall bladder which she denied. She took our medicines for 8 months. At the end of which sonography was done. All 20 small stones of gall bladder were passed out.


Mrs. Jayaben Thakker: bhuj tried our treatment for multiple small gall bladder stones and stones passed out.


Mrs Jyotika Solanki: had sonography report with multiple gall stones along with complain of vomiting, gas, weakness, eructation. She took our treatment and her complains related to gall stones were relieved. Sonography report after our 10 months treatment showed remarkable reduction in gall stones as well.


Mr. K. R. Bhatia: was having gall stones he took our treatment and gallstones passed out.


Mr. Suresh T. Kothari, Mumbai – 45 years, was having mul tiple gall stones, largest one was of 15 mm. He was having severe complaints of gas, acidity, fullness of abdomn and in digestion since long. He also was advised to undergo surgi cal removal of gall blader but with our treatment for six months and all his complaints got relieved. As per the latest sonography, no stones reported.


Mrs. Shakuntala G. Joshi, Ahmedabad – 60 years, had gall stone of 7 mm, which got passed out with our two months treatment otherwise she was strongly recommended for sur gical removal of gall bladder by doctors. At present, she is not having any complaints regarding gall stone.


Mrs. Daxa N. Shah, Ahmedabad – 67 years, having mul tiple small stones and billiary slug in gall bladder, took our treatment and stone & slug passed out and not even reported in the follow up sonography reports.


M/o Nanuram Kherali Dungarpur, Rajasthan, Having 12mm G.B. stone since long, passed out by our 4 month treatment, no complaint since last 5 years.


Mr. Pinkal V. Vanra Ahmedabad, is 17 years young student was having 5+7 mm stone in G.B. passed out by our 5 months treatment.


Mr. Shailesh A. Shah Bombay. Slug was seen in G.B. with cholecystitis; relived in all by our treatment.


Mr. Vishnubhai V. Pandya Chalada, Ta. Dholka, Ahmedabad, 65 years old patient having 11mm G.B.stone with cholecystitis; all complaints relieved & latest sonography report is found normal, after our treatment.


Mr. Amaritlal P.Patel Jitpur, Ta. Bayad, 70 years retired teacher having complaint due to G.B. stone since last 10 years, sonography reports showed 7mm G.B. stone, which passed out by our treatment. After 1 year also there is no complaint, even after discontinuation our treatment.


Mrs. Tanvi S. Thakkar (C.T.M, Ahmedabad): This 30 year old patient having 17 mm + other multiple stones in G.B. passed out by our 4 months treatment.


Mrs. Urmila U.Shah (Amraivadi, Ahmedabad) having complaints of small G.B. stones relived by our treatment.


Mr. Arun D. Rajani Ahmedabad was 30 year old patient having 21 mm G.B. stone passed out by our 1 month treatment.


Mr. Ajubhai C. Dabhi Javaraj, Dholka, having G.B. stones passed out by our treatment.


Mr. Rajiv R. Doshi Surendranagar, having 20mm+other multiple stones in G.B. + cholecystitis and thickening of G.B. wall – 12mm undergone our 4 month treatment and as a result relived in all complaints. As per new sonography cholecystitis relived + normal wall thickness + relived as well in No & size of stones.


Mr. Jetunisa A. memon Viramgham, having 16+17mm G.B. stone; passed out by our 4 month treatment.


Mrs. Vinoda B. Patel: was having stones in commenbile duct obstructive jaundice also was developed surgeons have strongly recomand for surgical removal of gall blader but we have treat this patient her stones of cbd passed out now she have no complain & no jaundice.


Mrs. Rupa Mali: S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad, was having ahmedabad small stones&polip was seen in her gall blader haven much pain,indigeton,gas,acidity &fullness of abdomen she undergone our 4 months treatment stones & polip not seen in sonography her complains also relived.


Prahladbhai K Patel: RET school principal, was having 12 mm stone in gall blader passed out by out treatment .


Mrs. Kalpana R. Gamit (Gotri Road, Vadodara): was suffering from gall stone 10—14 mm stone was seen in sonography that passed out by our treatment.


Miss Janki N. Bhavsar (Bhuj): had 7.4 mm stone in gallbladder, which passed out after taking 6 months treatment.


Mrs. Aswina R. Bhatt (Maninagar, Ahmedabad): had 6 mm gallbladder stone, which passed out by our treatment.


Mr. Kalyanilal B. Sadhu (Mankol, Ta. Sanand): had 17 mm gallbladder that stone passed out by our treatment in just 1 month.


Mrs.Saradaben B. Patel (Kalol): had small stones in gallbladder which passed out by our treatment.


Mastar Jaydeep N. Makavana (Vasad): had 15.4 mm stone in gallbladder and it passed out by our treatment.


Miss Kinjal Limbani (Thakkarbapa nagar, Ahmedabad): was having 4 mm stone in cystic duct (duct between liver and gallbladder). She had severe abdomen pain and vomiting because of the same. Stone passed out by our treatment and she is relieved 100% from all complaints.


Mr. Prakash A. Tadavi(Vaghodia, Dabhoi Ring road, Vadodara): was having three stones[7+8+5 mm] as per the sonography report, after our treatment of 5 months gall bladder stone was passed out and his sonography reports are normal.


Bhavya V. Panchal (Himmatnagar) : Having pain in abdomen, gas + Acidity was detected 5mm stone in Gall Bladder. After Dr. Shah’s treatment stone is passout get confirms in New Sonongraphy.


NOTE : : Above all patients of G.B. stone was having hyper gas-heaviness in abdomen – hyper acidity & vomiting – indigestion & was strongly advised by surgeons for surgical removal of Gallbladder.