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Causes :

  1. Sterility
  2. Leucorrhoea – white discharge
  3. Late, early, irregular, profuse, scanty, painful, dark or black
  4. Menses. Clots with menses
  5. Atrophy or less developed uterus and breasts
  6. Ovarian and uterus cyst
  7. Dryness of vagina and painful coitus

Sterility In Women - Infertility

Infertility is the inability to connive after a year of practicing unprotected intercourse.


  • Lack of ovulation
  • Uterine and ovarian malformation
  • Any infection, inflammation of the genital tract

Again do not blame your spouse for infertility, avoid alcohol and smoking.


Specific medicines are available in homoeopathy & we have proven record of successfully cured cases of woman sterility.

Some cases of sterility

Mr. Jignesh Dave: A young industrialist of Ahmedabad and his wife Mrs.Rita Dave, This couple suffered from depression with symptoms of lack of confidence, lack of concentration, no desire for any work, loss of interest in going out and negative thinking. Despite treatment of psychiatrist they were not recovered. At last they started our treatment and got cured completely.


Mrs. Shefali M. Shah (London, Native – Anand, India): Was suffering from PCOD [poly cystic ovarian disease]. She got married before 3 years and her menses was very much painful, no pregnancy even after lots off treatment by leading gynecologists. She took our treatment and her complaints related to menses are relived & she gave birth to a male child.


Ashok Bhatt (Modasa): Was married before 15 years and had taken treatment for his wife but all failed to have child, she took our treatment & as a result she is having a healthy child.


Mrs. Radha M. Vanjara (Dist. Panchamahal): Has got child birth after our treatment & her complaints related menses are also cured.


Mrs. Basanti G. Mina (Rajasthan): Had no child even after 7 years of her marriage. She had taken ayurvedic as well as allopathic treatment but there was no response. Lastly they took our treatment and now she has a child.


Mr. Bhogilal Patel (Dist. Sabarkantha): Says that his wife have given child birth after treatment from Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Mr. V. V. Kapadia (Ahmedabad): Confirmed that his wife have child after treatment given by Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Mrs. Anandi D. Solanki: Was suffering from recurrent UTI with kidney stone & had no child even after long time of marriage. With our treatment today she has a child and her complaints of kidney stones, recurrent UTI are also resolved.


Ankita C. Joshi (Bharuch, Gujarat) : Ask that she was having miscarriage of 3 times. Ultimately she has taken Homeopathic treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah. Her all gynacological complaints relives and get successfully delivers child. Thanks Dr. Shah effective treatment on sterility.


Paresh Patel (USA) : We live in USA and my wife was diagnosed with PCOS & having PCOS can create many complications. she tried diiferent medication & diet but it did not help. One of our family from india suggested to consulate Dr.Shah as he knew someone that had PCOS and she was able to manage it and improved her life with the treatment from Dr. Shah. we consult Dr. Shah and with his medication ,my wife was able to manage her PCOS and she feels a lot better with the treatment. we now have a 2 years old son and both are doing well. we were glad that we consult Dr. Shah and started his treatment. Dr. Shah is a very knowledgeable  and experienced Doctor. we highly recomment him. Thank you Dr. Shah.


Priyanka Chipper (Khedbrahma – Sabarkantha Gujarat): My PCOS problem was cured by Dr. Rajesh Shah. Dr. Shah is a very knowledgeable and experienced Doctor. Now I have a 2 years old baby boy. Thanks to Dr. Shah.


Jinal Patel (Ahmedabad) : My name is Jinal. I having PCOD for last 5 years. Many complications in periods, but one of my friend suggested Dr. Rajesh Shah. After his medicine improved my irregular Menstrual Periods. Today I am pregnant. I am very glad to consult Dr. Rajesh Shah. He is very experienced Doctor. Thank You. 


Jalpaben Kohatriya
I suffered with Joint Pain + Pregnancy. After marriage we have no issue no pregnancy even after try with gynocologist including IVF like     . I have taken Homeopathy treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah. I got pregnant and baby also relive much arthrities – joint pain.