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It is a joint disorder in which uric acid crystals diposite in the joints space giving rise to severe pain ,swelling and redness of the joint.

Causes :

  • Hereditary
  • Alcohol and dietary excess esp. if food rich in proteins such as red meat, lever, kidney, cheess etc.
  • Obesity: 70 % of people with high triglycerides have gout.
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Drugs like diuretics

Symptoms :

  • Sudden onset of sever joint pain mainly affecting great toe but may affect any other joint.
  • Joint swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Heat of joint
  • It occurs unexpectedly and can be very sever but the symptoms normally do not last more than a week .
  • Chronic suffers may find tiny, hard lumps accumulating over the soft flesh of hands ,feets or ear lobs. The uric acid deposits may affect the kidney forming stones.

Do's & DOnt's:

If u have a family history of gout decrease intact of alcohol ,fats ,meat and other protein rich diet , prefer a largely vegetarian diet with plenty of salad

Joint swelling

Few of many cured cases:

Shivpal Singh Jadoun, Ahmedabad: was suffering from gout. Even after taking tablet Zyloric, Uric Acid in his blood report was 9.57. He was having severe pain in ankle, right toes & back with swelling. At last his problem was cured by our treatment. Now uric acid is 5.8 (normal) without zyloric.


Arpit B. Sachaniya, Naroda, Ahmedabad: was having pain in joints. His uric acid was high (8.2). He took our treatment & as a result his joint pain is gone & uric acid also got normal.


Mr. P. R. Purohit: Sahibaug, Ahmedabad – His uric acid used to remain around 11—12 for a long time and was taking its routine allopathic treatment. He was having pain in joints + feet, swelling in toes with redness & severe pulsations associated with hyper—acidity. After our treatment his symptoms of gout are cured and his uric acid has also come within normal limit.


Mrs. Nisha J. Patel: Anand – Having gout with high uric acid since last 4 years, joint pain + swelling in feet + toes. Used to take tablets for gout + painkillers but was not benefited at all. After our treatment her complaints of gout are resolved uric acid, which was more than 7 has also come to normal levels.


Mr. Dilipbhai Patel: Od, Ta. Amnand – Long standing gout was cured by our treatment. After having satisfaction with our treatment, he has referred good numbers of patients of gout to us. Even after discontinuation of our treatment since 10 years he has no complaints of relapse.


Mr. S. M. Munsi: Paldi, Ahmedabad – Years long gout cured by our treatment; Used to take tab. Zyloric + other painkillers. Now do not require any allopathic treatment.


Mr. J. S. Panchal: Vatava, Ahmedabad – Gout of long time cured by our treatment.


Prof. P. R. Prajapati: Prof. Engg. College V. V. Nagar, Anand, was suffering from gout since last 4 years was taking allopathic medicines for that even though was having joint pain taken our treatment for 6 months & as aresult his disease cured now no complaing of gout his uric acid also gets normal.


Mr. Ajay Patel (Anand): was having pain in joints, feet & tosses, since long time. He was on allopathic medicines for a long time but with permanent relief, lastly he took our treatment and his gout is cured.


Mrs Shilpa K. Shah (Gurukul, Ahmedabad): having high uric acid in blood and was under allopathic treatment. She was attacked by unbearable pain with swelling in joints & tosses and her movement was very much painful. After taking our treatment her gout is cured permanently.


Mr Ripal R.Shah: was suffering from gout and is cured by our treatment.


Mr S. H. Shah (Naranpura, Ahmedabad): had long standing gout with very high uric acids in blood and is relived permanently by our treatment.


Mitesh R. Soni (Ranip, Ahmedabad): I have face gout problem, since last 10 years. taken Allopathic Medicine but that was not resolved permanent. Ultimately after 18 months Homeopathic treatment of Dr. Shah. Disease is cured. At present Uric Acid is normal (5.5).