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Leucoderma & Vitiligo

Leucoderma is a chronic pigmentary skin disorder that has a promising treatment in homoeopathy. Vitiligo is more commonly known as Leucoderma, which means white (Leuco) skin (Derma) i.e. a skin disorder in which the skin loses its normal color.

Causes :

leucoderma is an autoimmune disease heanse exact cause is unknown

Melenosites produces melanin that is required for skin colour. Due to retarded melanin formation, there is a loss of pigmentation. The upper layer of skin loses its color and becomes white (colorless)

Males and Females are affected equally inclusive of children.

It can occur at any age.


It starts from a single white spot and gradually there are multiple white spots. In some cases whole skin may loss the color

Treatment :

Leucoderma can be effectively treated with homoeopathy. We have successfully cured cases of leucoderma. Our medicines encourage melenosites function to produce normal melanin which cures Leucoderma. As a rule homoeopathy never looked at leucodema as a local disease. Leucoderma has been considered as a local expression of a system disturbance. We are giving constitutional remedy after having proper analysis and evaluation of patient’s case history.

Chances of cure are dependent upon the following

A. Duration of Diseases

Those cases of recent origin respond much better then ones that are more than 10-15 years old. Kids and young patients have shown better results in our experience.

B. Extent of spread

Single or some spots (2 –10) respond much faster than those that are very large (More than 7 inches in size). The cases with generalized spread and affection on fingertips, toes, corner of mouth require a long treatment.

Duration of Treatment:

It’s a chronic and long standing disease. It takes time to see some results. The exact time can’t be predicted how ever, improvement begins within 4 to 8 weeks. In most cases the length of treatment should be considered as over 1 to 2 years or even more. The success rate with homoeopathic treatment is considerably high compared to any other mode of treatment.

Few of many cured cases:

Master Sachin V. Patel: Himmatnagar, Gujarat. This young boy had multiple small and big white spots all over the body, most of them on face and legs. He took many allopathic and other treatments but nothing helped reduce spots. Lastly, he tried our treatment for 2.6 years and as a result all the spots disappeared. No relapse of white spots even after discontinuation of the treatment for last 7 years. With this we can definitely claim total cure for leucoderma.


Shivpal Singh Jadoun, Ahmedabad: was having white spot on face and neck cured by our treatment.


Miss Krishna R. Rajput (Ahmedabad): was having white spots, leucoderma on hands, legs & face, which is cured by our treatment.


Mr. Jigar A. Patel (Ahmedabad): had chronic leucoderma, big & small spots on body and it got disappeared by our treatment.


Jaykumar Panwar (Banswada, Rajasthan): My son yagna was suffering from Leucoderma. Multiple spots all over body. After treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah Saheb now, he said the disease has been cured complately.


Dhruv S. Patel (Vadodara): Multiple big small white spots of this little master  was uncured by other treatment, but after having treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah all the spots are cured without any side effect.