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Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus
Acidity is a general term which usually refers to regurgitation of acid or partly digested food from the stomach in to the food pipe [oesophagus] or mouth. The sourness is due to over secretion of acid in stomach

Causes :

  • Sudden changes of life style
  • Emotional stress, medication, hormonal changes
  • After infections like flew & typhoid.


  • Usually bilateral and symmetrical on the waist, flexure surface of fore arm, lower back and genitalia are the common sites.
  • Itching is severe.
  • Mucous membrane lesions are present in 65 % of the patient. These are white reticulate areas seen in mouth & genitals

Treatment :

Lichen planus is an autoimmune disease and hence it is difficult to cure it with other systems of medicine but homoeopathy has the constitutional treatment. We, after careful analysis and evaluation of the patient history, have successfully treated good number of cases. Treatment duration varies from 6 to 12 months or more.
Lichen Planus Before After On Body
Lichen Planus Before After On Face
Lichen Planus Before After On Hand
Lichen Planus Before After On Leg

Few of many cured cases:

Apurva Bhatt, Son of Pankaj Bhatt, Jashodanagar, Ahmedabad: was suffering from psoriasis & lichen planus, which was spread all over body & scalp. Allopathic Dermatologists failed to cure him. This condition is cured by our treatment.


Dilip V Raval, Kathawada, Ahmedabad: was having lichen planus in mouth since last 12 years and had severe burning in the mouth even when he drinks water. He has undergone treatment of more than 20-25 allopathic doctors but was not relived from his conditions. After taking 5 months of our treatment, all his complains are resolved.


B. L. Parmar, Dehgam: had Lichen Planus of long time, which is cured by our treatment.


Mr. R. R. Dhuvad: A young medical representative says that he had lichen planus spreaded all over the body and had a long treatment but was not cured. At last with advice of a doc tor he tried with Dr. Shah’s treatment for 5 months and as a result today he is totally cured from the disease and living happily.


Mr A. S. Patel: Patanpura-Mansa, Gujarat. He was having lichen planus since 20 years. Small and big patches were all over body. He was tired of itching all over body. He had lost hope of getting cured having taken all modes of therapy and not getting benefited. At last, his disease was cured by our 6 months of treatment.


Mrs. Kailash M. Patel: Gandhinagar – 30 years, was having lichen planus all over her body. Dermatologist declared her conditions as incurable and asked her to continue streriods forever. But above conditions was cured with our treatment and she is not having any complaints in this regards.


Mr. D. K. Pandav (Dholka): was suffering from lichen planus since long time. He has taken our treatment for 14 months and disease is completely cured.


Hetal G. Thummer (Nikol, Ahmedababd): Having Lichen Planus 8 years was not cured by Allopathic treatment. after 2 years treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah Lichen Planus is 100% cured even scars also disappear.


Kajal J. Gondaliya (Bapunagar – Ahmedabad) : This young patient having Lichen Planus since 3 years. taken Alloapthic Medicine for 2 years. But was not cured. after having 1 year treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah Lichen Planus is cured 100%.


Umaben K. Pandya (Jiverajpark , Ahmedabad): Was suffering from Lichen Planus all over body from 11-04-2020. taken light therapy, steroid injection and other medicine on dermetologist, but was not cured. Lichen Planus is cured after Dr.Shah’s treatment.


Dr. Kriti Shah :
Lichen Planus Mouth