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It is degenerative disease, where there is a loss of carti- lage between two bones followed by reduction in the joint space.

Clinical Features:

Mainly affects weight bearing joints like knee joints and vertebrae pain develops slowly. Usage of affected joints in creases the pain. Stiffness in morning and after sitting for a long time.

There can be joint deformity at an advanced stage, if not cured at an early stage.

Few of many cured cases:

Knee X-Ray report of Geeta J. Patel, Simaliya, Talod: showed osteoarthritis in both knee joints. She was having severe pain in both knees with swelling all the movements was pain full. Surgeons asked for joint replacement but after our treatment her pain is relived very much.


Mrs. Bhagwati N. Thakker: Deesa- Age 65 years, was having extrem pain in knees and lumber regions, due to osteo-arthritis. She got revelied from all complaints after tak ing our treatment.


Mr. B.B. Solanki: Ahmedabad – 78 years old retired In come Tax officer was having osteo-arthritis in both knee joints. His walking and stair claimbing movement was very painful. He took allopathic and ayurvedic medicines from renowned doctors but all this failed to make him relieved from his complaints. He got cured from our treatment and even after discontinuing the same, since August, 2006, he is not having any further complaints.


Mrs. Madhuben B. Padhiyar: Ahmedabad – 35 years, was suffering from Osteo-arthritis of Knee, Ankel and hip joints. She got cured with our treatment.


Mr. Ajitsinh B. Mahida: Ahmedabad – 72 years retired AGM of Central Bank of India, and his wife Rekha Mahida both hav ing osteo-arthritis of both knees and other joints. Due to that, their walking and other activities were much painful. Later on they thought of going for knee replacement surgery also but after taking treatment from us their all, the complaints are re solved without surgery.


Mrs. Pragna J. Shah: Ahmedabad – 45 years, suffering from pain in knee and both legs and could not even walk for long distance and difficult to climb staircases for more than 10 years. She tried lots of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines, which failed to reduce her pain. She got our treatment for 14 months and her pain got completely relieved and now she can walk long distance and life has become easier for her.


Mrs. Hemlata Bhatt: age 45 years, a service woman, utters that “I was suffering with Osteoarthritis of left knee joint. As per the report of radiologist there was reduction in joint space. Due to this I was having huge swelling, unbearable pulsating pain with stiffness. I tried with allopathic, ayurvedic and other complaint of severe pain and swelling in both her knees. After X-ray report, many doctors of Ahmedabad suggested knee replacement surgery. But after having 2 and a half year long treatment of Dr.Shah, now she has no complaint one year after discontinuation of treatment.


Mr. Govind V. Patel: residing at 86, ELEZABETH W. DR ATP # 8, ADDISION IL-60101, USA. Status that “ I have got completely cured of pain in my knees (osteo arthritis) after taking treatment of Dr. Shah.


Mrs. Dakshaben S. Shah : I have got cured of 1 year old knee pain after taking treatment of Dr. Shah and I have no complaint, 6 years after the discontinuation of treatment.


Mrs. Bharat B. Pandya: My mother Pushpaben was have complaint of severe pain and swelling in both her knees. After X-ray report, many doctors of Ahmedabad suggested knee replacement surgery, But after having 2 and half year long treatment of Dr. Shah, now she has no complaint five year after discontination of treatment


Mr. B. Patel: My wife Lakshmiben had severe pain and pulsation in left knee, right feet and shoulders. X-ray report and ASO TITER test diagnosed it as Osteo Arthritis and we tried treatment of many orthopedic doctors but result was negative. Finally she took treatment of Dr.Shah for 7 months and now she has no complaint in her routine life.


Mr. P. H. Patel: My wife had severe pain and pulsation in her knees and couldn’t bend them. We tried too many treatments from various doctors but couldn’t get perma nent solution. Finally, she took 6 months long treatment of Dr. Shah and got permanently relieved of all her pains.


Mr.N.P.Damor: Both my parents had been suffering from joint pain, swelling and stiffness. We tried various treat ments for this but it increased problems.


Mr. Manorbhai H. Patel: Samantvada, Ta.kadana, Dist.panchamahal, 55 year old Govt. officer having pain in both knees and have difficulty in walking as well as standing. X-rays of knee shows OA++ and hence orthopedic doctors have advised him for knee joints replacement surgery. He took our 8 months treatment now he is fully cured. He can walk without pain even after discontinuation of our treatment


Mrs. Daxa P. Barot: Ramola, Ta. Anand, Pain of OA of knee + pain of other joints and got relieved 100% by our treatment.


Mr. Prabhasankar L. Vyas: Mahesana, Having pain in both knees since long; Have taken painkillers for long period but was not relived at all. OA was diagnosed with X-rays. Took 6 months of our treatment in 2005 and today even after discontinuation of our treatment he is not having any pain in the knees.


Mr. Mukesh D. Shah (Naranpura, Ahmedabad): was having osteoarthritis in both knee joints. His walking was very much pain full his pain was completely relived by our treatment.


Mrs. Sarada N. Solanki (Vejalpur, Ahmedabad): had pain in both knee & wrist, which is cured by our treatment.


Mrs. Kamalaben M. Bhatia (Modasa): a old lady, age 72 years, was suffering from severe pain in both knee and her walking, standing & sitting down was very difficult due to pain & stiffness. He got rid of all these problems with our treatment.


Mr. Dinesh A. Manani (Palak Tenament, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad): was having and due to pain & stiffness in both knees, his walking was very painful, which is cured by our treatment.


Mrs. Jayaben V. Rajput (Gandhinagar): age 75 years, was having severe joint pain with unbearable pain in knees [osteoartharitis]. She was unable to walk without support of a stick. After our treatment now she can walk freely without any pain.


Mr. Khebhabhai N. Patel (Government Officer, Samantvada, Ta. Kadana): was having severe osteoarthritis & swelling in knees, walking was too much painful. He took our treatment and now his able to walk pain free.


Mr. Babubhai H. Patel (Himmatnagar): was having severe stiffness in both knee joints. His walking, sitting & standing was too much difficult with pain. He undergone treatment with us and he is cured.


Mr. Rajendra B. Patel (Ramos, Ta. Dhansura): says that his mother was suffering from pain in knee joint with reduced joint space. After taking treatment from Dr. Shah her pain is relived and there is relapse of the same even after discontinued treatment since long.