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Psoriasis is an inflammatory dermatitis. They are red, circumscribed, scaly patches that can appear anywhere on the skin, scalp, palm, soles and nails. It usually affects both sides of body symmetrically. Special sites are elbow, knees, sacrum and occipute[back part of scalp.


Psoriatic arthritis: In some cases of psoriasis, joints are affected. There can be pain, swelling and stiffness in the affected joints. Nails become pitted and thick with black discoloration.

Causes :

  • Not clearly known.
  • Possibly genetically determined. Due to some genetical changes in white blood cells the generation of new skin
  • tissues increases. These extra tissues are seen in the form of patches on skin.
  • Heriditery history in 6.5% cases.
  • Age. It can start at any age
  • Precipitating factors are Psychological emotional stress/li>
  • Alcohol
  • Thyroditis
  • Diabetes
  • Over use of steroids
  • Certain medicines like anti malarial & beta adrenergic blockers

Treatment :

We have been treating psoriasis by encouraging body resistance power and without any side effects. Patient may require long time treatment but it’s safe and can prevent future complications. In case of psoriatic arthritis results are nearly 100% in our 18 years practice. Chances of relapse of disease are there but the patient feels better with our treatment then the previous allopathic or ayurvedic treatment.

Few of many cured cases:

Darshan, Son of Mr. Alpesh B. Sharma, Nadiad: was suffering from psoriasis. Many well known skin specialists failed to cure his conditions but after 3 to 4 months of our treatment he is completely cured.


Ayubkhan Pathan, Bharuch says “I was suffering from psoriasis for more then 6 months. I show website of Dr Rajesh Shah (www.drroshah.com). After taking five months treatment from Dr. Shah has now cured my all problems. I am free from psoriasis.”


Apurva Bhatt, Son of Pankaj Bhatt, Jashodanagar, Ahmedabad: was suffering from psoriasis & lichen planus, which was spread all over body & scalp. Allopathic Dermatologists failed to cure him. This condition is cured by our treatment.


Maulik K. Shah, Naranpura, Ahmedabad: was suffering from psoriasis, for two years, and that is cured by our treatment.


Rajesh N. Parekh, Ahmedabad: was suffering from psoriasis since last 4 years. He took too much allopathic & ayurvedic treatment but his condition was not improved at all. Ultimately after taking treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah, now he is totally recovered from psoriasis.


Kantibhai G. Patel, Bhudasan, Aravalli: was suffering from psoriasis. Cured by our treatment.


Ushaben B. Mesariya, Ahmedabad: was suffering from severe psoriasis all over body with very big patches. She was tired of severe itching and scaling. Under gone various ayurvedic and allopathic treatment including chemotherapy & hospitalization. But her condition was not cured by any of them. At last she took our treatment and now she is free from her disease.


Chandubhai J. Rathod: was suffering from psoriasis, since 8 yrs. Skin specialists failed to cure is conditions. After our treatment of 6 months he got cured completely.


Sejal B. Patel, Naroda: had psoriasis of whole body, which is cured by our treatment & even after 2years of discontinuance of treatment disease has not relapse.


Bharat A. Suthar, Nardipur, Kalol: was having psoriasis all over body since last 8 years. He had taken much allopathic & Ayurveda treatment but was not benefitted at all. He was also having joint pain, called psoriatic arthritis, he has taken our treatment and as a result his both disease psoriasis & arthritis are relieved.


Gopalbhai L. Nayak: got tired of psoriasis of long time, had taken much allopathic treatment including steroid but was not relieved. There were so much adverse effects of such treatment on him. Ultimately after our treatment psoriasis is much relieved & all side effects of previous treatment also cured. Now he is healthy & energetic.


Shailesh N. Radadia, Thakkarbapanagar Road, Ahmedabad: having native place in Savarkundala, was suffering from psoriasis since one year and that is cured by our treatment.


Hansaben H. Patel: was having psoriasis all over body & nails, since 1987. This condition is cured by our treatment.

Mr. Rakesh H. Danak, Bharuch – 30 years, was suffering from sever psoriasis for more than 10 years. He took all kinds of treatment but ended up with no improvement & was even frustrated due to this. Lastly, with our treatment, he got totally cured and reduced weight, which he gained due to steroids.


Mrs.Usha Patel: Abvel, ta. Kapadvanj, Gujarat, She was suffering from diffuse psoriasis since 10 years. She had very thick patches all over body with severe itching, ozzeing sticky discharge on scratching. She tried many allopathic treatments, ayurvedic medicines but instead of relief strength of disease increased day by day. After our treatment of 1.5 years she got cured completely and now there is no relapse since 5 years.


Mr. Arun C. Patil: Head constable in S.R.P, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, He suffered from psoriasis all over the body along with pustules on legs for 20 years. He also had joint pain, a case of psoriatic arthritis. He took many treatments of all modes of therapy of leading doctors. He was also admitted in well reputed hospitals but nothing solved his problem. After reading our article on psoriasis in news paper came to us and took regular treatment. He got relieved a lot in both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. There was relapse in disease for 4 times but ntensity kept decreasing every time. Now he is much better. Side effects of steroids also started disappearing by our treatment.


Mr. B. B. Machar: Sajjanghadh, Bansvada, Rajasthan He suffered from severe diffuse psoriasis all over the body and scalp for a long time. Many well known skin specialists failed to cure. At last after the opinion of our old patient he started our treatment. As a result of our 8 months regular treatment he got cured completely. No relapse has been reported for 10 years.


Mr. Mukesh Prajapati: Talod, Gujarat, He had been suffering a lot with psoriasis since 1990. He had already taken allpathic treatment of skin specialist of Ahmedabad but was not benefited. On the advice of his friend he started our medicines and psoriasis of whole body was relieved 100%. There has been no relapse since 1993 even after the discontinuation of treatment.


Mr. I. M. Panchal: He got cured completely and permanently after our treatment and there is no further complaint for last 11 years.


Mr. Isharlal Panchal: Kuwait, He works in the hot climate of one of the gulf countries, Kuwait. He suffered from psoriasis and got cured after 11 months of treatment.


Mr. Bhavin Gandhi: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, He suffered due to psoriasis on scalp and scattered patches on body. He had already taken all types of therapy before he came to us. Today he has got relieved a lot due to our treatment.


Mrs. Mahemuda S. Saiyad: was having psoriasis and she was also having very big & thick patches on face, since long, which is cured by our treatment.


Mr. Hiren M. Shah (Engineer, Ahmedabad): declared with pleasure that I was suffering from psoriasis allover body since last 15 years. I have taken treatment of allopathic skin specialist as well as Ayurvedic doctor but my condition was not improved at all. Ultimately after taking 2 years treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah, now I am totally recovered from psoriasis.


Mr. Dhirubhai D. Vasani (New India Colony Road, Nikol, Ahmedabad): was having psoriasis, since 1981. He had taken allopathic, ayurvedic & other treatments but all failed to have complete cure. He has taken our treatment for 4 months and his psoriasis is removed completely and there is no relapsed even after discontinuation of treatment from 1 year.


Kanubhai S. Leuva (Gota, Ahmedabad):
He ask that was suffering from Psoriasis. Very Serves on whole body since long. Taken much Allopathic treatment including Steroids but was not benefited. Lastly this condition is recover by treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Ajitbhai P. Bhavsar (Nirnaynagar, Ahmedabad):

I was having Psoriasis Since 3 years. Taken much medicine, but fails to have react permanent solution. Now relive much after Homeopathic Treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah. Witohout any  adverse side effect on body. Thanks Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Hiral M. Pathak (Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad):

Patient declares that her Psoriasis is cured with 9 month Homeopathic treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Rajubhai G. Sisodia (Fatehpura Dist.Dahod Gujarat):

psoriasis very sever condition all over body after Homepathic medicine of Dr.Rajesh Shah.


Natvarlal S Patel (Isari – Ta. Meghraj , Dist. Arvalli – Gujarat):

Mr.patel was tired due to psoriasis since 10 years & side effects of Allopathic treatment but he gets free from psoriasis & now his health gets recover to normal condition.


Jaydeep R. Kumbaverl (Veraval Gujarat):

This young patient was suffering from psoriasis since 15 years. He has taken Allopathic treatment for 5 years , Ayurvedic treatment for 3 years including Panchakarma , but there is no result .This patient declares that psoriasis disappeares 100% after 8 month treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah , Ahmedabad.


Indiraben Patel (Sabarmati, Ahmedabad):

Was having psoriasis since 15 years.Her skin disease was cured in 7 month Homepathic treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah.


Mehul Patolia (Mozambique, South Africa):

Was suffering from psoriasis and sever Psoriatic Arthritis since 10 years. CRP was positive . having pain, stiffness having all joints of Body. was unable to do routine work due to pain. Taken Homeopathic & Allopathic treatment . But there was no solution. Ultimately all conditions relive 100% after Medication of Dr. Shah. Thanks Dr.Shah to provide new painless life. can do all movements Activities without pain.


Pravin Vankar – Modasa:
I have psoriasis since last 22 years, taken much Allopathic treatment, but no result . Then last had taken Dr. Rajesh Shah’s Homeopathic treatment and cure my disease in few month thanks Dr. Rajesh for cure my disease.
Solanki Ashokkumar B. – Dahegam
I have psoriasis since last 8 years. Psoriasis occurred all over the body. The skin was peeling a lot and the itchiness was very frequent. Took Allopathic Medicince for 3-4 years, but no result . After Reading Advetrisment in newspaper contacted Dr. Shah. Started Meidicine of Dr.Shah. I have recover completely after two years of medications, i don’t have any complications regarding my health.
Sevrusbhai Chritstian – Vatva
My name is Sevrusbhai and have psoriasis since last 15 years and I went to big hospitals and small private hospitals and took medicine for 13 years, but didný take any differnce to me then my nephew recommanded Dr. Rajes Shah and now i continued medicine since last 1 year and i have almost recover. I suffered a lot because of psoriasis and now i am recovering.
Hasmukh A. Patel – Ghodasar
I have psoriasis since last 12 years, taken medications from severeal doctors, but didn’t get any result. Before 12 years i took treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah and recovered compleately . Taken Medication for 3 months now and psoriasis cured complately. Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah .
Damini Soni – Modasa
I have psoriasis since last 25 years. Before 6 years i took treatment of Dr Shah for two months and get recover fast. I am satisfied with treatment.