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Homoeopathic medicine facilitates easy passage of stone. In our 24 years of experience stone up to 22 mm has been passed in urine. Before going for surgery, lithotripsy, P.C.N.L. or other mode of treatment if patient takes our treatment, the stone may pass out without any adverse effect on kidney or urinary tract. Also the reformation of stone can be prevented.

Causes :

Exact cause is unknown but many theories have been put forward related to causes of stone:

  1. Diet: If the diet is deficient in vitamin A, the person gets prone to formation of stones.
  2. Infection: When there is an infection present in the urinary tract, pus cells work as nuclei around which salts are deposited and forms the crystal. Many crystals unite to make up a stone.
  3. Obstruction to urinary flow: The enlargement of prostate, stricture of ureter or urethra obstructs the urinary flow that eventually allows salts to collect to form the stone.
  4. Immobilization: When the patient does not move about i.e. lying stationary in bed for a long time as in fracture esp. of the spine, caries spine, sciatica, general debility and paralysis i.e. whenever a part is kept at rest for long time it undergoes wasting, calcium and bones starts coming in the blood where it increase in the blood it start to coming in the urine and it causes concentration of the more calcium leading to the formation of stone.
  5. Hyper-parathyroid: Calcium metabolism is under control of parathyroid glands while activity of this gland increases It removes the calcium from the bones. This calcium comes in the kidney and forms the stone. They are multiple and bilateral.
  6. To some extent stone formation may be due to heredity.
  7. Poor kidney function because of certain causes there are chances of decline in kidney function which causes deposition of salts in urinary tract. These are the root causes of the crystal formation if these crystals do not pass in the urine it gets united and form a stone.

Types of Stone:

  • Calcium Oxalate Stone: This kind is usually single, small and hard. It looks opaque in X-ray. It may be painful and may cause bleeding.
  • Phosphates: These are large stones. Although they are very large, they are painless.
  • Uric Acid: These are multiple small and yellowish stones. These are the only stones which are not visible in X-ray.

Clinical Features:

  • Pain:
    Severe colic pain in abdomen and pelvis.
    Dull pain in the kidney area, pain may be from kidney up to the bladder region. The pain may extend to the penis, testicles and inner side of thighs.
  • Pus, Blood and Protein (Albumin) in Urine.
  • Silent Stones: They may be large and bilateral even then they may not be giving any symptoms they are commonly the phosphate stone.
  • Nausea with or without vomiting.
  • Fever


  • X-ray or sonography
  • In some case if the clinical diagnosis is sure but stone do not visualize in x-ray and sonography, CT scan may be helpful.
  • Urine examination for blood, pus cells, protein and crystals

Do's and Don’ts:

  1. Sedentary habits should be avoided and exercise especially walking should be encouraged
  2. The pain may be relived by a hot application on pain full part or long continous bath.
  3. If partner of patient has having urinary tract infection must be treated otherwise cross infection might be cause for reformation of stone.
  4. Stone formation is a gradual process extending over a long period of time and once a tendency to a stone formation has develops, it will persist through out the life.


  1. By open surgery
  2. Lithotripsy
  3. Urethroscopy
  4. By Homoeopathic treatment
  5. Measures other than homoeopathic treatment can remove stone but it’s not a permanent remedy i.e. the normal function of kidney must be restored. This can only happen with our medicines. We have large of numbers of cases which are cured and haven’t relapsed even after 1 to 22 years.

Few of many cured cases:

Miss Bhavna S Patel of New Ranip, Ahmedabad: was having 2 stones in kidney, which passed out by our treatment.


P A Tadvi, Vadodara: was having 6mm stone in right ureter which successfully passed out with our treatment.


Jay T. Donga, Jamnagar: This child was suffering from 7.2 mm stone in left kidney and had severe pain. He had also under gone lithotripsy for kidney stone. 2 years after that the stone had reformed. Finally with our treatment the stone got passed out.


Mahendra M. Patel, Vidhyanagar, Anand: was having complaint of re-occurrent stone for more than 20 years. He took our treatment for kidney stone and it passed out. Today after more than 2 years of discontinued treatment stone has not relapsed.


K.J. Ahada of Dungarpur (Rajasthan): This patient was suffering from kidney stone for a long time. He was operated for the same in 2011 but 12mm stone relapsed in his right ureter. The stone successfully passed out by our treatment.


Nilam K. Shukla, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad: had 5.7 mm stone in right ureter and 4.3 mm stone in right kidney. Both of these stones successfully passed out with our treatment.


Roshan B. Chauhan, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad: had lithotripsy done before 2 years for kidney stone. Even then 5mm stone in right kidney, 4mm stone in left kidney and 4mm and 6.5 mm stones in left ureter had relapsed. At last his relative advised him to take treatment from Dr. Shah and after taking that treatment, all the stones passed out in urine.


Naterver V. Ahada, Dungarpur(Rajasthan): had 14mm ureteric stone which passed out within 2 days of treatment from Dr. Rajesh Shah.


N.R. Pathan, Juhapura Ahmedabad: had kidney stone of 10 mm which got passed out by Dr. Rajesh Shah’s treatment.


Sheelabai Patel, Genji (Rajasthan), Kaloanadevi Patel, Khervada -Udaipur, Bansilalji Patel, Binchiwada – Dungarpur and Rameshbhai Patel: All of these patients were suffering from kidney stone and were cured by Dr. Rajesh Shah’s Treatment.


Anita U. Parmar, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad: was having 8mm kidney stone which passed out by Dr. Shah’s treatment.


Taukirbhai Sheikh, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad: states that he was suffering from kidney stone and had already gone through lithotripsy and other treatments. Even after that his kidney stones relapsed (9mm and 7.5mm). Later with our treatment it got passed and he has no issues related to the same now.


Kokila P. Tadvi, Vaghara, Bharuch: was suffering from 4mm stone in left kidney which passed out by our treatment.


Kantibhai S. Patel, Amiyapur, Bayad: was suffering from 5 stones in kidney and had severe pain and burning in urine. All 5 stones are passed out in urine by our treatment and the planned surgery was avoided. Even after discontinuation of treatment, since May, 2011, there are no signs of formation of new stone.


Nainesh V. Parmar, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad: had stone issue in both of his kidneys and had severe pain due to that. He took our treatment and all stones got removed.


Mahomud J. Jagrala, Chuda, Limdi: was having 9mm stone in right kidney and 3mm stone in left ureter both of which passed out by our treatment. Today, even after the long time stones have not formed again.


Mr. Sagar Priyadarshi, retired LIC officer from Ranip, Ahmedabad: had 14mm stone in urinary bladder which successfully passed out in urine by our treatment in 1987. After that he hasn’t had any complaint regarding the same.


Mr. B. P. Khant: age 26 years, had 27 mm stone in bladder which passed out within 8 days with our treatment. No reformation of stone, since 1988.


Mr. B. H. Patel: age 21 years, had left kidney stone of 20mm, passed out within 3 months. No reformation of stone, since 1990.


Mrs. Parmar: age 42 years, had right kidney stone of 15 mm, passed out within 10 days. No reformation of stone, since 1992.


Mr. Jayantilal U. Jain: Abu Road, Rajasthan, age 48 years, had one stone in left kidney of 9mm and one stone in right ureter of 8×9 mm, both passed out within 25 days. No reformation of stone, since 1988.

Mr. P. F. Pargi: an education officer, had recurrent crystal formation from 1990-1996 and also had persistent irresistible kidney pain. No further recurrence of crystals after a treatment of 6 months, since 1996.

Mr. Dipak R. Thekdi: The deputy engineer of water irrigation department, Gujarat State, was suffering from the problem of kidney stones and ureteric stones of various sizes since 1980. He had treatments like Operations, Lithotripsy, Urethroscopy in some of the famous kidney hospitals of big cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara etc. He also tried with Water Softener to avoid the salt in the water. In spite of all these efforts the problem was still there. Because of constant reformation, he had severe pain, urine problems, cold with fever, weakness.
Moreover, lots of allopathic medicines caused acidity and vomiting. At last, 12 stones passed out through urine with the help of our medicines. There are no signs of reformation since last three years and he is living a happy life.

Hetal R. Dhuvad: She was having a 9 mm stone stuck at the junction of right kidney and the ureter. She was advised for an emergency operation due to increased size of the kidney. But with 3 months of our treatment the stone passed out and kidney started functioning normally.

Mr. Amit Parmar[B.Pharm]: This pharmacist had problem of stones in both the kidneys that got cured with our treatment with no report of reformation since then.

Mr. M. M. Kadiya: This citizen of Vadodara had stones in both the kidneys. Tried too many things but got no results till he came to us. All the stones from the kidney and the ureter passed out.


Mr. K. M. Jadav: Ahmedabad, His problem of kidney stone and urethral stricture got cured by our treatment. Today even after 7 years, he has no complain. Kidney stone of his nephew was also passed out by our medicines.

Master Samarth K. Patel: This 5 year old boy was having 8 mm stone in right kidney and 7 mm stone in left ureter. Because of the severe pain the child couldn’t stop crying. His parents were not ready to have a surgery at this young age of the child. Both the stones passed out after having 4 months of our homoeopathic treatment. Even after 2 years since the treatment got over, he is living happily without any complain related to stone.

W/O Mr. Vasantbhai Parmar (Malad(W), Mumbai): She had been suffering from recurrent kidney stone for long. With the help of our treatment, the stone passed out in just 10 days. Moreover, she declares with grace that even well-known urologists of Mumbai failed to cure her problem that got curedl

Mr. M. K. Mina: Two big sized stones of left kidney, passed out by our treatment. Mr. Mina got rid of painful condition of stone. He has no complain of stone even after 14 years.

Father of Prof. R. C.Garg: Rajasthan, He had left kidney stone of 20×13 mm that passed out within 10 days. No reformation of stone, since 1995. Because he was satisfied with the treatment he continues giving our reference to patients of kidney stone from his territory of Rajasthan.

Mr. Girish Suthar: was having stone in kidney and ureter. The stone came out by our treatment and there is no relapse since 7 years. with 10 days of treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah. This is a great achievement of Dr. Shah.


Dr. Sandip Shah: He declares that her wife was having stone obstructed at junction of right kidney and ureter. According to the opinion of leading urological hospitals of Ahmedabad, it was almost impossible to get away with the problem without surgery. In this critical situation, Dr.Sandip heard about successful treatment of Dr. Rajesh Shah. So he tried with that and got succeeded. The stone passed out within 3 months of treatment.


Master Krunal H. Rupala: At very young age of 3 years, he had stone of 8 mm in the right kidney which got passed out within 27 days. No reformation of stone, since 1993. Today he is enjoying a happy life with his family at Surendranagar.


Mr. H. O. Shah: Ahmedabad, He had right ureteric stone of 18×9 mm. According to the expert doctors of Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, surgery was must in that case. But the stone passed out within 2 and half months by our treatment. No reformation of stone, since 1988.

Mr. S. Variya: Kidney stone of 26 mm got passed out on 10/07/1987 after 3 months of our treatment. Even today after 19 years, Mr.Variya has no complain of the same.

Mr. M. K.Kureshi: Age 65 years, Mahesana,Two kidney stones of 15 mm and 7 mm got passed out within just 15 days of our treatment.
Mr. J. M. Panchal: Left kidney stone of 15mm, passed out and no reformation since 13 years that was possible with 4 months of our treatment.

Mr. M. S. Bamaniya: This young farmer was not able to live his normal life due to intolerable pain of recurrent stones for last 10 years. At last he got out of this hell when his stone passed out within 2 days of our treatment and as a result of our 6 months treatment, now he has no complain for last 10 years.

Mr. D. V. Gajjar: Ahmedabad, This officer of Reliance Industries, Ahmedabad got rid of kidney stones after 2 months of treatment. Due to his satisfaction with the treatment, he has sent about 100 patients of stone to us in last 17 years.

Mr. H. C. Upadhay: Senior government officer, Gandhinagar was having stone that got passed out by our medicines. His brother was also having stones. He took our treatment and got rid of stones.

Mr. P. P. Prajapati: a building contractor of Himmatnagar, was having stone formation every 2-3 months since 8 years. These stones passed out by treatment of Dr. Shah with no reformation of stones even after 11 years.

Mr. Girish. R. Prajapati: Suffered with 15 mm stone in kidney that was passed out by our 15 days medicines. No reformation reported.

Mr. Badamilal G. Prajapati: Rajasthan, presently working at Kuwait, was having severe pain due to 12 mm stone in the right kidney. He took treatment in Rajasthan, from leading urologists of Gujarat and also in Kuwait but was not relieved. At last, after 20 days of treatment stone got out through urine and there has been no complain for last 5 years.

Mr. B. B. Prajapati: of Surat had big stone in kidney. It got removed by our 1.5 month medicines.

Mr. D. M.Kotval: was having 18 mm stone in left ureter. He was admitted for surgical removal of this stone but after the advice of his relatives and our satisfied patients, he started our treatment. At everyone’s surprise, stone passed out through urine with in 4 days only.

Mr. N. D. Vasita: Ahmedabad suffered for long with kidney stone. Stone passed out by our treatment and no complain since 3 years.
Mr. Thakorbhai Ishwarbhai Patel: Anand, His complain of stone was for 8 years. Stone passed out by our 1 month medicines. There is no relapse of stone since last 9 years.

Mr. N. M. Sagathiya: Ahmedabad, According to sonography report there was 1 stone in the right kidney and 1 stone in left ureter. Both the stones came out with in 15 days of our treatment. Today he is enjoying painless life since 3 years.

Mrs. Rukmani Kalasua: Udaipur, Rajasthan had 2+2 stones in sonography report which passed out by our 2 months treatment.

Mr. Ladumor: working as an X-ray technician at Saradabai Municipal Hospital, Ahmedabad has 8 mm stone. It was obstructing in the right p-u-junction (junction of kidney & ureter). Many leading surgeons declared that stone could not be removed with out surgery. At last, it passed out by our treatment and also other 4-5 mm stones of both kidneys also came out.

Mr. A. R. Patel: Anand, Gujarat had 10 mm stone in left mid ureter that passed out by our 10 days medicines. There is no further stone since 5 years.

Mr. R. A. Patel: deputy engineer in state govt. from Unja, Gujarat was having 18 mm stone in kidney that passed out. There is no recurrence since 9 years. His daughter Dipti was also benefited in stone by our medicines.

Mrs. Kalaben T. Solanki: Ahmedabad, had also been suffer ing from kidney stone for a long time. After our treatment she is alright now.

Mrs. Ranjan B. Gadhavi: Idar, Gujarat had 6 mm size stone obstructed at right kidney and ureter junction. This caused dilatation of right kidney and severe agonizing renal pain. The stone passed by our treatment in 2 months. According to sonography report, dilatation of kidney also got normal.

Mr. S. R. Solanki: Surendranagar, Gujarat had sonography report that showed total 6 stones in kidneys. In the right kidney they were of sizes 9, 7 and 5 mm while 5, 7 and 8 mm in the left kidney. All these 6 stones came out by our medicines. Dilatation of kidneys also disappeared according to the follow-up sonography report.


Ms. Siyani K. Soya: Limdi, Surendranagar, Gujarat was having 10.5 mm stone in left kidney & ureter junction, was pass out by our treatment in 1 month.


Mr. Kamlesh R. Parmar: Gandhinagar, Gujarat was suffering from recurrent stone formation in both kidneys for a long period. Was having 13 mm left ureter stone, 7mm in left kidney, 5-3-4 mm in right kidney. All these 5 stone pass out by our treatment.


Mrs. Jalpa R. Sheth: Jivarajpark, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was young patient having 7mm stone in kidney since 2 months. Having severe pain, she used to cry even. Having pregnancy of 8 months so surgical removal of stone was not possible. With our treatment of 1 month the stone passed out. Her husband Rakesh and Brother-in-low Nitin Sheth was also having stone in kidneys was successfully passed out by our treatment. No relapse since 3 years.


Mr. Paresh C. Shah: Dalpur, Ta. Prantij, Sabarkantha, Gujarat had 9mm stone in right kidney with unbearable pain, which was not relived with higher analgesic drugs. Stone pass out by our 4 months treatment. No reformation of stone since last 3 years.


Mr. Chandresh L. Varia: Halol, Panchmahal, Gujarat had 9mm stone at right kidney & ureter junction pass out by our treatment, no complaint regarding stone since last 10 years. Due to his positive experience he referred good number of patients of stone. For all of them stone passed out by our treatment.


Mr. Dhiren M. Rojasara: Vasana, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was having severe pain in left kidney region stone in left ureter -8.5 mm. Pass out by our treatment.


Mr. Sanjay J. Tirgar: Santhamba, Sabarkantha, Gujarat was having 7 mm right ureter stone and pass out by our treatment.


Mr. Harishchandra V. Panchal: Rajasthan was having 16mm stone in right kidney pass out by our 2 months treatment.


Mrs. Jajbeeb S. Shekh: Dudheshvar road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was having 6 mm stone in right kidney and 8 mm stone in left kidney, these 2 stones pass out by our 2 month treatment.


Mr. K. B.Parmar: Moti kisol, Ta. Viramgham, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This 60 year old patient was suffering from recurrent urinary stone since last 20 years and had already undergone surgery twice for stones but regular reformation of stone was there. He had 6+6+6+17 mm stone in right kidney; all these 4 stones + plenty of pus also came out by our treatment.


Mr. Kailash B. Varma: Nikol Road, Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was having 7.7 mm right ureter stone + small multiple stones in right kidney. All of them passed out by our treatment.


Mrs. Jubeda S. Bula: Modasa, Sabarkantha, Gujarat was having 22 mm size big stone in left kidney, was advised by surgeon for surgery but from an advice by her friend, She took our 3 months treatment and as a result this big stone passed out . Today even after discontinuation of our treatment after 15 years, stone reformation has not occurred. Stone of her son also pass out by our treatment.


Mr. Dhiraj C. Patel: Choila, Ta. Bayad, Gujarat 21mm right kidney stone was passed out by Dr.Shah’s treatment and no relapse of stone since 19 years.


Mr. R.B.Morya: Vajalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was suffering from stone since last 8 years; he was tired due to fever with rigor and unbearable pain. Having multiple stones of 4 to 6 mm in both kidneys. All these stones pass out by our treatment, As on today he has no complain related to stone.


Mr. J.R.Patel, Mr. Sunil R.Patel, Mr. S.H.Patel, Mr. Chandramani K.Patel: Hansot, Bharuch, Gujarat. All these 4 patients were having 8 to 10mm stones in kidney and ureter, which pass out by our treatment, no recurrence of stone since 4 years.


Mr. Niranjan N. Shah: Assistant superintendent, Metropolitan Court, Ghee kanta, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Was having 4 mm stone in right kidney and 5+6+5+5 mm stones in left kidney and small stones in left ureter, his prostate was also enlarged. All stones pass out by our treatment and as per latest sonography report his prostate also got normal and he do not require any surgery for stone as well as enlarged prostate.


Mr. Maulik L. Patel: Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was having 7mm kidney stone pass out by our treatment.


Mr. Jagdish S. Patel: Jepur, Ta. vijapur, Mehsana, Gujarat was having 13+6 mm stone in right kidney and 11 mm stone in left ureter, all of them pass out by our 5 months treatment.


Ms. Puja Jain: GhandhiDham, Gujarat was having 9.7mm ureteric stone comes out by our 1 month treatment.


Mrs. Nileshwari J.Varia: Baroda, Gujarat was having 9mm right kidney stone was giving unbearable pain with fever since long time and was tired with this; so family decided to go for lithotripsy. But she took our treatment and stones pass out.


Mr. Amit P. Tejvani: Kubernagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was suffering from kidney stone since last 4 years, undergone two times surgery for stone and even after that stone was reforming; at last he took our treatment for 5 months and as a result 7+9+12+15+17mm kidney stones pass out in urine. No reformation of stone as occurred as on today.


Mr. L.R. Jadav: Vejalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat was having 5+ 6 mm kidney stone pass out by our 2 months treatment.


Mr. D.P. Vaghela: Mahesana, Gujarat was having 9+11 mm + small stone pass out by our treatment.


Mrs. Devika V. Nayak: Kadi, Mehsana, Gujarat was having 9mm kidney stone pass out by our treatment. This young teacher had undergone surgery + urethroscopy + lithotripsy in past & have spent lakhs of rupees but stone was reformed.