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  • Severe itching. After scratching on skin there crashes or welts.
  • Burning and itching on patches.
  • They subside with out any scar formation but ma
  • This can appear anywhere in the body and vary in small pimple like spot to raised patches.
  • Sometimes they disappear in short time but at time days or even weeks.


  • Allergy
  • Emotions
  • Stress etc.

Treatment :

We have cured almost all the cases of urticaria.

Few of many cured cases:

Hetal S. Patel, Ranip, Ahmedabad: was having Urticaria with severe itching. She got cured by our treatment of 8 months.


Rajendra B. Patel, Gandhinagar: was tired of this disease, since 45 yrs. He had severe itching, nodular & zient patches of urticaria. Some times swelling even on lips. He took treatment of numbers of skin specialists but all of them failed to provide permanent result. Ultimately, after taking our treatment for 3 months, his disease conditions are cured permanently. Today even after discontinuance of treatment (2 years) there is no relapse of urticaria.


Mrs. Taraben A. Barot (Handia, Virpur, Dist. Kheda): has been cured before 13 years and even today there is norelapse.


Mr Vithalbhai J. Patel (Kalol): was cured by our 3 months treatment, before 10 years.


Mr. B. K. Ansari (G.E.B. Officer ,Modasa):was cured before 16 years.


Mr. R. M. Patel (Kalol): was cured before 6 years.


Mrs. Gopi S. Shah w/o Dr. Sandip A. Shah (Naroda, Ahmedabad): was having giant size urticaria, which was cured by our treatment of 3 months.


Mrs. Dahiben J. Patel (Naroda): had chronic urticaria, which was cured by our medicines, before 8 years.


Dhwanit D. Joshi (Vatva, Ahmedabad): Her allergic dermitity of long standing is complately cured of treatments of Dr. Rajesh Shah.