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These are hard, rough, small, lumps on the skin. Wart appear on hands, feet, neck, face, chest, edges of finger and toenail. Color of wart may be white-pink or skin color. Size very from small pimple to peanut size in some cases very big – up to 2 cm. Do not try to cut or burn the warts. Skin specialist doctors of allopathy are practicing electro cautery & chemical cautery for warts but it not a proper solution. It increases the strength of the disease and new warts appear due to suppressive mode of treatment like that. With our medicines warts get out and can be cured permanently without scars. Do not try to suppress warts. Do cure it with our mode of treatments.
Warts Before After

Few of many cured cases:

Tanmay Shah, Satellite, Ahmedabad says that “I was suffering from multiple warts on my face & neck since last 2.5 years. I have taken allopathic treatment like electrocautery for as many as 12 times but there was no Permanent solution. At last I have taken homoeopathic treatment of Dr. Rajesh shah for 11 months. Now as a result all warts are gone.”


Mr. Kamlesh. G. Patel: Rampur, Gujarat. He had multiple warts of various sizes all over the body. Dermatologists did chemical, electrocautery and other treatments but nothing came to relief. Even worse new warts continued to appear. After our treatment all the warts disappeared and there is no relapse thereafter.


Miss. Bhavana I. Patel: She was having warts on both hands. All the warts got cured totally by our oral medicines within 5 months of treatment and that too forever.


Mr. Jayesh D. Pandya: Dhambola, Dungarpur, Rajasthan His right foot was packed with more than 1000 warts. He took all kinds of therapy in Rajasthan and Gujarat but was not benefited. At last all the warts disappeared after our treatment not leaving any scar or sign behind.


A. A. Mansuri: Modasa, Gujarat. This government officer was depressed due to incurable warts of face but got totally cured by our medicines.


Mr. Y. N. Vyas: professor at bhavans college, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His face was disfigured due to multiple big warts. There used to be bleeding while shaving. He tried allopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment for long periods but result were nil. At last he came to know about us from news paper. After 3 months of treatment all the warts disappeared and scars were also gone.


Mr. P. T. Vispate (Adinath Nagar, Odhav, Ahmedabad): Says that he had warts on his face and have taken too much treatment but there was positive no result. After taking 4 months treatment of Dr. Shah my warts have been removed permanently.


Bhvik Jiyani (Naroda)

Yatish Rughani (Shela – Ahmedabad): Warts on face is complately gone after 4 months treatment of Dr. Shah. Previously treatment of skin specialist fails to have permanent solution.